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Pioneering a healthier future for children in India

Health & Wellbeing

A programme makes health and wellness education more accessible for schools across the country

Spotted: According to Unicef’s 2022 World Obesity Atlas, India is predicted to have more than 27 million obese children, representing one in 10 children globally by 2030. The country also ranks 99th out of 183 countries for preparedness to deal with obesity. HealthSetGo is working to change this and improve the general health of children across India with an innovative school-based programme.

HealthSetGo’s programme combines a data-driven eHealth approach, student leadership, and innovative financing. Partnering with schools, the programme first sends a team of doctors to assess children across more than 90 physical and anthropometric parameters, including eye and dental checks. The doctors then create a comprehensive medical report, which is registered online and made available to parents, along with relevant recommendations to boost their child’s wellbeing. Guardians can continue to track their children’s health journey online, including any recorded vaccinations and visits to the school health centre.

Other offerings, like HealthSetGo’s Careboxes and Play programmes, provide the necessary knowledge and skills for students to live healthier and happier lives. To make healthcare more accessible even outside of schools, HealthSetGo also provides every enrolled student with a $1,600 (around €1,500) annual insurance cover, and the complimentary HealthSetGo Family Card provides significant discounts at partnering medical companies.

Improving the health and wellbeing of people young, old, and in-between is the goal of many innovations, including affordable electric cookers that eliminate toxic fumes from open fires and an eye-tracking sleep mask for monitoring and improving sleep quality.

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