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Using AI to detect and treat cardiovascular disease

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One company is using the increase of wearable technology and AI advancement to create the first cardiology-as-a-service platform

Spotted: According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide – causing 17.9 million fatalities a year. To help treat this epidemic, up to an estimated 3 million electrocardiograms (ECGs) are conducted daily. These diagnostic tests are essential, but analysing the data takes up huge amounts of clinicians’ time. Idoven is a company aiming to tackle cardiovascular disease, while also saving crucial time for medical professionals who are already stretched thin. 

Using the expertise of engineers, cardiologists, and data scientists, Idoven has created a propriety deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) platform on the cloud, known as Willem, to enable the early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease. After an ECG is recorded on any medical device – including on smartwatches or ECG machines in hospitals and ambulances – the signal is analysed using Willem’s AI algorithms. The AI detects arrhythmias and provides risk scores, which are sent directly to the patient’s clinician by email or Electronic Medical Record (EMR). 

With the technology, Idoven promises significant improvements in speed, consistency, and accuracy in ECG interpretation. The AI has been learning from over 49,000 patient’s data – a pool that will only increase, meaning that its accuracy will grow too. 

The company recently received €1.5 million from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to develop its AI solution for the early detection of heart attacks. 

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Written By: Archie Cox



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