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Vita-Cam aims to make it easier to check if you have a vitamin deficiency | Photo source

AI-driven app detects vitamin deficiencies

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The Vita-Cam app uses photos to identify vitamin deficiencies and recommends dietary changes based on the diagnosis

Spotted: Students at UAE-based Ajman University have designed an app that uses photos to diagnose vitamin deficiencies. The students say the app, a national winner of the 2019 James Dyson Award, is a first for diagnosing vitamin deficiencies. 

The app aims to make it easier to check if you have a vitamin deficiency. It uses AI to analyse photos of one’s eyes, tongue, lips and nails. These four features were selected because they can indicate, by texture, shape, colour or appearance, when there is a vitamin deficit. The app then recommends dietary changes to correct for the deficiency. 

The AI program uses machine learning tell-tale signs of vitamin deficiencies in the photos, comparing the images with a large database. No blood test is necessary for a diagnosis.

Eventually, the students plan for the app to connect users to dieticians and vitamin supplement companies. 

Words and Research: Molly Corso



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