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Campaign as seen in NY underground | Photo source Terri and Sandy Website

New campaign seeks to humanise fertility treatments

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The campaign aims to make women feel more human - and less like a science experiment - when they receive fertility treatments

Spotted US-based New Hope Fertility Clinic has launched a new campaign targeting women who are considering or undergoing IVF treatments. The aim of the campaign is to make treatments more “human” and less threatening, the clinic says.

Fertility treatments — the shots, hormones and pressure associated with the procedures — can be overwhelming. New Hope Fertility Clinic has introduced a number of programmes that try to address that, like at-home and needle-free treatments.

The “IVF Made Human” campaign, created in partnership with the ad agency Terri & Sandy, is part of the clinic’s efforts. It uses emojis and uplifting messages to humanise IVF treatments. For instance, in one ad a puzzled emoji ponders the practice of telling patients to practice injections on an orange. “But you’re not an orange,” it says and promotes the New Hope Fertility Clinic’s needle-free IVF treatments. 

The campaign was recently launched at Columbus Circle subway station in New York City, near the clinic’s Manhattan location. It will also run on social media platforms.  



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