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A screenshot from, featuring the campaign's cartoon characters. | Photo source

Campaign uses coffee to highlight warning signs of Parkinson’s disease

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The campaign coincided with National Coffee Day to increase public awareness

Spotted: Using cartoon characters called Parkinscents, a campaign to improve early detection of Parkinson’s disease launched nationwide in the United States on National Coffee Day (1 October). The public health ad campaign draws attention to one of the first potential indicators of Parkinson’s disease — loss of smell. Coffee’s aroma is a common scent that a sufferer of Parkinson’s may lose the ability to smell. 

Second only to Alzheimer’s as one of the world’s most common neurological disease, early detection could help thousands of people better manage their health. Many people live with the disease for years, if not decades, before being diagnosed. Early detection could significantly improve longer-term health care outcomes. 

Created by the McCann Health New York agency, the Parkinscents feature on coffee cup sleeves, lids, coasters and posters in coffee shops across the United States. The printed materials direct people to the campaign’s website for more detailed information about the disease. 

As the popularity and effectiveness of home-based and on-demand healthcare continue to grow, Springwise has spotted other innovations also focused on early detection. A smart mirror monitors malignant moles using machine learning algorithms, and a new in-home ultrasound system allows women to monitor breast tissue for abnormalities.




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