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Traditional prosthetic limbs are rarely capable of enduring the environmental conditions of developing countries | Photo source Nino Liverani on Unsplash

A low-cost, high-tech prosthetic limb for developing countries

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The prosthetic costs less than €100 and is designed for optimal mobility in rural environments

Spotted: UK inventor Ed-Pennington Ridge has developed a high-tech prosthetic limb that will cost less than €100. The limb was designed to target amputees in developing countries, which mostly consist of young soldiers that have become incapable of working due to their immobility.

Among the problems with access to prosthetic limbs are price (costing up to €1700) and durability — being incapable of enduring the environmental conditions of developing countries like rural terrain or tropical climate.

However, this new prosthetic is built using low-cost materials. It is easy to produce and is capable of enduring high temperatures. The limb also combines a springy foot and a mobile ankle. The prosthetic is still undergoing additional trial-and-error procedures.

Springwise has spotted other innovations recently that include as prosthetic leg made out of recycled plastic and a prototype that allows doctors to monitor the comfort of prosthetics.



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