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Households could go up to 16 days before needing to change the bin bag | Photo source Behance

Rubbish bin uses heat to reduce volume of waste

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Hetta is designed to reduce waste volume by heating its content and expelling moisture

Spotted: Imagine only having to make out the rubbish every two weeks. Austrian industrial designer Gesa Oeljeschläger has found a way to do this by using heat to reduce the volume of waste.

The new rubbish can, which is named Hetta, dries organic waste by heating the rubbish for three hours every night. Decreasing the moisture content reduces the weight of the rubbish by 70 percent and the volume by 60 percent. This significant decrease in volume means that households could go up to 16 days before needing to change the bin bag. The drying process also avoids bad odours, kills bacteria and reduces the number of pests.

A stainless steel body encases heating and ventilation components at the top of the bin help circulate air during the night-time heating process. Hetta also includes a self-tying bin bag. When the door is opened to remove the waste, the top of the bag is automatically closed.

Hetta is capable of holding up to 20 litres of dried waste and will be available in different sizes to accommodate for different household needs.  




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