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The global demand for water purification filters is expected to grow by 3.4% in the next five years | Photo source Vand

Shower head attachment purifies water and adds nutrients

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The Vand system is easy to install and promises to filter out pollutants as water flows through it

Spotted: US-based Stok Labs has collaborated with designer Koustubh Parulekar and Chinese design agency Miio Studio to create a shower head that cleanses the water of minerals, chemicals and other pollutants as you shower. The device also adds nutrients to the water, aiming to deliver healthier hair and skin.

The Vand filtration system is an oval-shaped tube that attaches between the water pipe and the shower head. No plumbing work is necessary for installation. The system works in real time, filtering out the water as it runs through the shower system. 

The process uses two filtration cartridges to clean and improve water quality. The first cartridge removes pollutants like dirt, rust, chlorine and minerals. The second adds vitamins and minerals. 



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