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The engine could also support developing regions as a cheap power source | Photo source Pixabay

A sustainable engine weighing less than a backpack


Aquarius Engines has developed a lightweight engine that could run up to 7500 miles without refuelling

Spotted: An Israeli engineering firm, Aquarius Engines, has developed an internal-combustion engine capable of running up to 7500 miles without refuelling. The cylinder design with a double-sided piston decreases friction, allowing for greater efficiency. The engine is also extremely light, weighing less than a backpack. 

Shaul Yaakoby, the engineer behind the design, says the engine could even be used as a backup generator. Moreover, Aquarius Engines claims that the cost of the engine could be as little as €90. This means it could support developing regions in Africa and Asia if used as a general power supply.

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