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Video analytics boost operational health and safety


Time-lapse videos and real-time alerts help managers oversee large building sites and operational facilities

Spotted: The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that work-related diseases and injuries are responsible for at least 1.2 million deaths across Asia and the Pacific each year. Singapore’s Ailytics wants to make that a thing of the past.

Using AI-enabled video surveillance systems (AI-VSS), the company provides organisations in heavy industries with round-the-clock safety and efficiency reviews. From personal safety to overall project productivity and vehicle traffic monitoring, Ailytics’ platform uses AI to bring 2D video imagery to life. Regardless of the quality of the CCTV already in operation, Ailytics’ system can connect to it to create more detailed 3D imagery of potential risks.

The Ailytics team works with each organisation to understand the complexities and needs of a project and then maps the AI to those specificities. The AiSafety solution helps businesses reduce the need for in-person hazard inspections by half, and the analysis sends managers real-time alerts when a dangerous situation is identified. The online platform makes large datasets manageable and helps teams spot safety trends across big job sites. 

Other solutions from the company include the AiProductivity tool, AiPeopleRecognition, and AiVehicleAccess. AiProductivity provides time-lapse videos of construction projects that are usable for publicity materials as well as operationally to identify site bottlenecks and other inefficiencies. AiPeopleRecognition and AiVehicleAccess help managers ensure that no-one gains unauthorised access to a construction site or operational facility. They also help track the density of traffic – both foot and vehicular – across large or multiple work locations.

Having recently closed an oversubscribed seed round of investment that raised $2.7 million (around €2.5 million), Ailytics plans to use the funding to scale its infrastructure and processes and expand into new territories, including the Middle East, Japan, and Hong Kong, and additional areas of heavy industry.

Springwise has spotted AI being used to improve industrial health and safety in a number of different ways, from storyboarding improvement options to redesigning vehicle pathways.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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