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Some of the 3,000 ads for the new JAL campaign | Photo source JAL

Japanese airline's hyper-personalised marketing campaign

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Japan Airlines has launched a new ad campaign that uses dynamic content to tailor content to different markets and individuals

Spotted: Japan Airlines (JAL) has launched a new marketing campaign, “Fly Once, Fly Always”, which uses dynamic content to tailor content to different markets and individuals. The campaign, developed by Ogilvy Singapore, uses both hyper-personalisation with precision marketing. 

Ogilvy developed more than 3,000 unique creative assets for the campaign. Ads are then targeted at individual customers based on data such as their location, language, desired destination and the platform they are using. According to Ogilvy, using adaptive content is key to getting the attention of each individual customer.

In one ad, a man on a Thai subway is served by a flight attendant, while in an ad aimed at the Vietnam market has the same brand message, without the subway, as the Vietnam subway system has not been completed yet.

In a statement, JAL’s Regional Marketing Manager, Sze Hunn Yap, said that “Personalised and relevant content is the currency for driving customer experience, engagement, and commerce today.” South-East Asia is one of the most demanding and complex regions in which to market, and JAL clearly hopes that by combining creativity with technology, they can produce authentic, branded content for audiences across the region. 

At the moment, the adaptive content is tailored to different markets across South-East Asia.

Springwise has seen a number of innovations aimed at improving personalisation in the marketing space. Recent ideas have included the automated production of personalised video ads and AI profiling to personalise billboard ads.



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