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New containers make shipping easier and more environmentally-friendly | Photo source Aeler

A greener hi-tech shipping container

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One company uses AI to maximise routes and offers container-as-a-service rentals

Spotted: Corrugated metal shipping containers have been reimagined for smarter, more efficient shipping. Swiss company Aeler has rebuilt the standard shipping container to make it connected, green, and traceable. Made from a fibreglass and resin composite material, the containers are extremely durable yet very lightweight. They weigh so much less than the containers currently in use that they can transport around 11 per cent more dry cargo, and 17 per cent more liquid.

The containers are also insulated for passive temperature control, and internet-connected sensors inside provide updates on interior conditions every five to ten minutes, including: humidity, air pressure, temperature, volatile organic compound gases, GPS coordinates, and more.

A management dashboard brings all the data together for near-to-real-time updates, and Aeler also offers a fleet management tool that tracks both maintenance and repair records, and container locations. A subscription to the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) tracking system helps clients reduce the transport of empties by maximising efficiencies across all routes.

Because of the increased volume of cargo held by each Unit One, use of the containers cuts maritime emissions by reducing the numbers of containers required. The smooth sides, while making the containers easier to stack and store, also contribute to lower truck emissions when the containers are transported on land.

The maritime industry constitutes such a large global footprint that innovations are seeking improvements in a myriad of areas. Springwise has spotted modular onboard carbon capture systems, along with filters on ships that remove microplastics from the water.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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