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The platform provides visibility, risk identification, and effective action on the ground | Photo source Markus Spiske on Unsplash

A platform enables EV companies to take control of their battery supply chain

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Infyos creates clean strategies to help battery supply chain players meet the ever-growing customer demand for EVs

Spotted: With the EU banning internal combustion-engine car sales from 2035, heads are now turning towards electric vehicles (EVs). But there is a problem with this. EVs currently face huge supply chain issues, from the mounting prices of critical minerals to disruptions caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Hoping to solve this problem is the London-based platform Infyos, which works to help battery companies mitigate risk and see through opaque supply chains.  

To do this, the platform uses its in-house expertise and software to allow battery supply chain players to map their supply chain, pinpoint sustainability impacts, establish sustainability goals, and actively control their social and environmental influence.  

As Infyos recognises, batteries are a crucial part of the clean energy transition for climate stability. But paradoxically, green technology supply chains can also be environmentally harmful. Infyos’s work will, therefore, help to rectify this contradiction and make lithium-ion batteries a truly sustainable technology.

Sarah Montgomery, co-founder of Infyos, notes: “100 per cent sustainable mines don’t exist at the moment, so we need to turn the focus to finding miners that are willing to be transparent about where they are today, and then engage with the supply chain about how they want to improve based on that.”

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Written By: Georgia King



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