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A revolutionary model for second-hand EVs

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How is one platform making it easy to buy and sell used electric cars?

Spotted: The rapid electrification of the car industry demands different skills and knowledge from dealerships. Buyers also face a new landscape, as traditional checks like oil leaks and tailpipe grease no longer apply when buying a used e-car. That’s where Berlin-based Cardino steps in, with its platform that connects sellers and trusted dealerships across Europe to enable the easy sale of used EVs.

Cardino’s digital platform streamlines every aspect of an EV sale, handling everything from a valuation based on the latest market data to logistics, pick-up, and payment processing. Sellers can easily list their car online within a matter of minutes, using their smartphone camera to easily verify vehicle information including condition, history, and battery reports.

Once listed, dealerships bid directly on the vehicle to ensure the seller receives a competitive price. Cardino provides buyers with comprehensive EV-sourcing toolkits to make the process even easier for dealerships. According to the company, there is an 80 per cent chance sellers will receive a binding offer within 72 hours of listing. Besides being convenient for e-car buyers and sellers, the model also promotes sustainability and a circular economy by facilitating the quick transfer of used EVs to new owners.

Cardino recently secured a €4 million seed funding round led by Point Nine. This year, the startup aims to expand its seller services to France and improve the platforms’ features, including a new online battery range check.

Written By: Georgia King




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