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A cutting-edge platform for container reuse

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The tech optimises container usage to minimise costs, maximise efficiency, and slash emissions

Spotted: Freight transportation – whether by land, air, or sea – generates an estimated eight per cent of global greenhouse emissions. Now, Indian startup MatchLog hopes to go some way in reducing that by ensuring that shipping containers are always efficiently utilised during transport, preventing any unnecessary miles, and curbing fuel wastage.

True to its name, MatchLog harnesses cutting-edge technology to match shipping containers with the correct trips by connecting customers with their vast network of freight partners. This process, known as container triangulation or Street Turn, allows containers to undertake multiple journeys without having to go back to the container yard, maximising their usage.

The company has already matched over 200,000 containers, which has prevented 60 million kilometres of wasted journeys and 40,000 metric tonnes of associated CO2 emissions.

In its pre-series A funding round, the container reuse platform secured $1.5 million with Motion Ventures and July Ventures co-leading the investment. These funds will enable MatchLog to transition to a full platform model and broaden its market reach. Looking ahead, the company aims to scale its operations and strengthen partnerships within the shipping industry as it expands its footprint across India.

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