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The company is aiming to deploy 400 low-cost electric vehicles around the country | Photo source Mobility for Africa

A startup providing solar-powered bikes and tricycles to rural communities in Zimbabwe 

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By reducing physical isolation, the startup will help areas reach their true agricultural potential and increase economic activity

Spotted: On average, electric vehicles result in three times fewer carbon dioxide emissions than petrol equivalents, making them a significant player in the move to net zero. Mobility startup, Mobility for Africa, for instance, seeks to provide affordable and renewable small-scale electric vehicles for rural areas. The electric vehicles, including bikes and tricycles, are suitable for off-road driving and will help to connect remote communities with convenient and sustainable transportation options.  

Mobility for Africa hopes this will be the start of a sustainable transport system that will help catalyse sustainable development, especially in communities not yet served by the national electricity grid in Zimbabwe. The startup maintains that its solutions will not only create access to doctors for patients who live far from health centres, but will also enable the transportation of goods to major Zimbabwean metropolises like Bulawayo, Mutare, and Harare. 

In the race to transition to renewable energy, costly upfront investments provide a massive obstacle for developing countries. Striving to overcome this hurdle is Zimbabwean investment company, InfraCo Africa, which has signed a $2 million (around €1.9 million) deal with Mobility for Africa to distribute 400 electric vehicles to rural areas. This deal is also said to include the manufacturing of 600 electric batteries and installing eight charging stations. 

Springwise has also recently spotted electric vehicle investment in other developing countries, including e-rickshaws in India, and a power pack that turns petrol-powered motorcycles into EVs in Southeast Asia. 

Written By: Georgia King




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