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A startup simplifying commuting in Pakistan

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One tech-based transport company provides safe and reliable transport alternatives for commuters

Spotted: People living in Pakistan often have to choose between safety and affordability when they are trying to get somewhere. Startup BusCaro is bridging this gap: revolutionising public transportation by creating a safer, more reliable, and affordable option for the country. 

By teaming up with minibus and minivan drivers, the company is ensuring a consistent flow of passengers through partnerships with employers and schools. This not only benefits the drivers but also offers customers a cost-effective journey, typically priced at 150 rupees (around €0.49). In a country where other options can cost up to 1,400 rupees (around €4.57), BusCaro is paving the way for accessible and sustainable travel.

In keeping with its commitment to safety, BusCaro prioritises passenger security through background checks for all drivers and an assessment of vehicle roadworthiness. The incorporation of a panic button within the BusCaro app offers passengers a direct line for assistance, while the company’s tracking technology ensures constant monitoring of vehicles throughout their routes. 

The business currently operates in multiple locations, receiving 20,000 bookings a day by tapping into Pakistan’s 40,000 minivans and minibuses, which are often under-utilised.   

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Written By: Georgia King



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