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Eviation has achieved a key milestone with its first flight of an all-electric aircraft | Photo source Eviation

A zero-emission electric plane could expand regional commuter and cargo routes 

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The plane is so quiet that areas with noise restrictions could become accessible via flight

Spotted: Electric aeroplane manufacturer Eviation Aircraft has hit a major milestone with the successful completion of its first zero-emission flight. Powered by two magniX magni650 Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs), the Alice aircraft is purpose-built using advanced technologies and materials. Already available in three configurations, the Alice could transform regional air travel and cargo shipping. 

Flight distances for the electric plane range from 150 to 250 miles, and the nine-person commuter plane could make myriad new routes available. With noise emissions far lower than traditional planes, locations with sound or time restrictions could become accessible by flight. And for companies, a six-passenger executive cabin could make business travel sustainable. So far, two USA-based regional airlines have ordered a total of 125 of the Eviation planes, making zero-emission flight a possibility for hundreds of passengers.

For shipping, the cargo configuration enables transport of a range of products up to 2,600 pounds in weight. As part of its plans to create a fully electric express delivery network, DHL Express has ordered 12 of the cargo planes. In addition to the environmental benefits, owners and operators should see significant cost savings as each electric plane has only a fraction of the operating costs of current planes.

As difficult a challenge as the decarbonisation of aviation is, it also brings to life exciting innovations such as solar-powered planes, autonomous drone passenger planes, and new engine designs that reduce emissions.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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