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Crunching mobility data with AI for smarter cities

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This new data platform enables cities to make public spaces greener, safer, and more efficient

Spotted: Although modern cities have access to mobility data, they often lack the relevant insights needed to develop effective, sustainable urban transportation solutions. Providing the key that unlocks this knowledge is French startup Vianova.

The company’s AI-powered platform turns this raw data into actionable insights, empowering cities to understand their big data and make urban mobility flourish. Recognising a gap between public and private transport providers in the shared mobility sector, Vianova developed this platform to bridge the divide.

Harnessing data from approximately 70 million vehicles worldwide, its data platform collates critical information about urban transportation, such as traffic flows from e-scooters, e-bikes, delivery vans, and mopeds.

Vianova then transforms this complex data into actionable insights using its powerful GeoAI platform, enabling local governments to understand mobility patterns and interactions, while identifying traffic jams or potential conflicts. The startup equips decision-makers with tools to enhance road safety, manage shared mobility, improve logistics, and optimise curbside management. In turn, this helps promote greener, safer, and faster transportation.

Nicolas Gauthier from the Vianova team told Springwise that to expand the startup’s influence in the urban mobility sector, it plans to launch a new application and both form and strengthen international partnerships.

Written By: Georgia King




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