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An all-electric concrete mixer

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Volvo’s latest green vehicle can be operated for an entire day with just one top-up charge

Spotted: Concrete is a major source of CO2 emissions – an uncomfortable truth that has made cement makers around the world pledge to clean up their act. Although most emissions in the concrete industry come from the cement manufacturing process, transporting concrete to where it is needed also causes emissions. And while electric vehicles are increasingly common, there are unique challenges when it comes to electrifying concrete mixer trucks. This is because these specialist vehicles must be able to carry extremely heavy loads while continuously mixing the concrete.   

As part of an ongoing partnership with CEMEX – a global construction materials company – Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo has created a heavy-duty concrete mixer truck powered entirely by electricity.  

The truck, known as the Volvo FMX, has two electric motors and four batteries, with the mixer body – the rotating system that mixes the concrete – powered by a hydraulic system that harvests energy from a traction battery. Crucially, to complete a full day’s work, the vehicle only needs a single top-up charge, which can be scheduled to take place during a regular break in the workday.  

In addition to producing zero emissions, the all-electric trucks are almost silent, significantly reducing on-site noise to the benefit of both workers and the local community. 

Volvo’s truck division has played a leading role in developing zero-emissions heavy-duty vehicles. Springwise has spotted the company already testing electric construction vehicles, developing a hydrogen fuel cell truck, and incorporating fossil-fuel-free steel into its trucks.

Written By: Matthew Hempstead



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