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The X Shore 1 is more affordable than other electric boats | Photo source X Shore

A new electric boat uses only one battery

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Carbon fibre makes the boat light yet strong without requiring polystyrene

Spotted: Swedish electric boat company X Shore recently introduced its latest model, the X Shore 1. The boat is completely silent and requires less than an hour of charging on a superfast connection. It is six and a half metres long and comes in two designs – a fully open version and one that can be enclosed.  

The boat’s top speed is 30 knots with a cruising speed of 20 knots. Cork replaces the traditional teak on the decking, and a moveable sunbed and chairs allows riders to choose to face forward or back. A single charge can take the boat up to 50 nautical miles, and there is enough interior space for four to sleep. There is also room for food storage and a portable toilet.

Chargers located at many docks can refill the single battery in around three hours, and the app-based technology to run the boat helps make it difficult to steal. Owners use their connected device as a remote key, and an onboard touchscreen syncs with the app to provide real-time data from any location.

The types of electric vehicles available are increasing, with Springwise spotting rickshaws and camper vans bringing renewable power to transport.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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