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Cargobike | Photo source Eliancycles website

New e-bike boasts silent, removable motor

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The E-Drive Custom Cargobike has a silent, direct-driven motor in the rear that provides stronger, more efficient power

Spotted Netherland-based Elian Cycles has produced its first handcrafted electric cargo bicycle. The e-bike’s removable rear motor runs more efficiently and provides nearly silent power, the company says.  

The removable motor makes the e-bike unique on the market, according to Elian. It is a Neodrives motor, which makes it more efficient and powerful than other motors on the market. In addition, unlike most e-bike motors, it is placed in the rear. That means it can be removed for an upgrade or for motorless travel. 

The Elian e-bike is handcrafted, like the company’s traditional bicycles, and is built to order.  It includes a patented steering system and a digital display. The e-bike can go a maximum range of 120 km. 

Elian Veltman, the inventor of the cargo bike, told Springwise: “This cargo bike is engineered the way every bike should get engineered, out of love for cycling. Just the way it goes in Automotive industry, out of love for cars.”

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