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Production of Arrival's electric bus could commence as early as Q2 2022 | Photo source Arrival

All-electric bus could be arriving on roads by the end of 2022

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The single-level vehicle is modular, allowing cities to configure it as needed for their communities

Spotted: Urban centres are often hotspots for poor air quality. This, in addition to the need for greenhouse gas emission reductions, makes clean public transport solutions essential. Now, UK electric vehicle producer Arrival has developed an all-electric, modular bus that offers a tailored, zero emissions transport option.

Made from recyclable, composite materials, the light weight of the bus contributes to its efficiency. Built on a single level with a completely flat floor, the interior is easy to navigate for riders in wheelchairs and those using other types of mobility assistance. Interior and exterior screens connect to the vehicle’s digital system, providing operators with maximum flexibility in messaging.

Management of the buses is made simple through detailed software, and the modular design allows for a range of sizes and passenger capacities. Different strengths of batteries are also available, helping owners best serve a mix of route lengths and driving styles.

Arrival is now testing the bus at a dedicated facility. The company plans to submit its application for UK certification in early 2022 and commence public road trials shortly afterwards. Production could begin as soon as quarter two of 2022.

Electric vehicles are growing in stature and availability, with a number of freight trucks and construction machines successfully completing a range of tests. Full commercial availability could follow fairly quickly.  

Written by: Keely Khoury



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