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BYD is introducing a battery-electric school bus with unparalleled safety features and performance | Photo source BYD

Electric bus provides power to schools when not in use

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Electric vehicle giant BYD has launched a bi-directional charging electric school bus

Spotted: School buses can drive slowly, and spend a lot of time idling near schools – which makes them perfect candidates for electrification, according to Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD (‘Build Your Dreams’). The company, known for its sleek designs and smart technology, is launching an innovative bi-directional charging electric school bus to replace the diesel-burning behemoths currently in use. 

Available in lengths of 35, 38 and 40 feet (10.5, 11.5 and 12 metres), the buses can be charged overnight when energy demand is low. The next day, after the buses have delivered children to school, they can be used to feed clean emission-free energy back into the classroom. The result is an overall reduction in emissions for the school, as well as the commute.  

The company has also incorporated safety devices such as collision avoidance and a monitoring system that can alert drivers to nearby pedestrians and cyclists when the bus is moving. The buses will also include a “Predictive Stop Arm,” which monitors surrounding road traffic and alerts students of potential dangers before they hop off. The buses can also be equipped with features such as 3-point lap-shoulder belts and integrated child seats that have been shown to improve behaviour, reduce bullying and minimise driver distraction. 

The buses will also be fitted with a telescopic steering column and easy driver access to control switches. Stella Li, President of BYD North America said the company is “raising the bar for design, innovation, range and quality, giving parents peace of mind knowing their children are benefitting from the safest school bus anywhere. At the same time, our buses will give operators the performance and cost savings that will make migrating to zero-emission technology affordable and practical.” 

While electric cars are already here in a big way, there are still many types of vehicles that aren’t being used in the same way. This is beginning to change, however. At Springwise, we have recently seen the development of electric short take-off planes, electric air taxis and electric riverboats

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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