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The XPENG X2 recently completed an exhibition flight in Dubai | Photo source XPENG

Electric flying car completes public exhibition flight

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The vehicle uses vertical lift-off to transition from road to air

Spotted: Flying cars are becoming a reality. China’s XPENG mobility technology experts recently completed a public flight of the electric flying car XPENG X2 at an event at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The zero-emission vehicle is a two-seater car that uses vertical lift-off and landing to transition from road travel to air. Designed specifically for the complexities of urban driving, the X2 flies at low altitude and can be driven manually or autonomously.

XPILOT is the company’s advanced driver assistance system. It provides guided options specifically for city or highway driving, including intelligent cruise, on- and off-ramp assistance, and speed limit adjustments. The car is made from carbon fibre in order to reduce the weight for flying.

In the future, the XPENG X2 will be suitable for low-altitude city flights, particularly over short distances. Medical transportation and sightseeing are therefore two promising potential applications for the technology.

Supported in its exhibition flight by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, the success of the recent trip shines a light on the need for regulatory bodies to keep pace with technological developments. Cities will need to build new air travel codes for high volumes of low-altitude flights.

Other types of autonomous travel that Springwise has spotted include last-mile delivery robots and marine research observation drones.  

Written By: Keely Khoury



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