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GLEAM's modular design makes its e-bikes effective multi-use vehicles | Photo source GLEAM

Modular light electric vehicles for urban transport

Mobility & Transport

The multi-use e-bike transports people and goods safely and securely

Spotted: Having experienced life in a bike seat as a bicycle messenger in Vienna, the founder of GLEAM e-bikes put his on-the-road experience into creating a multi-use vehicle that easily handles the complexities of urban cycling. To create something that can easily compete with the carrying capacity of a car, yet with the freedom that biking provides, GLEAM uses a three-wheeled base to carry a multitude of types of cargo.

Leisure users can carry up to two children as well as bags and other goods. Businesses can choose from two sizes of cargo boxes, as well as an insulated option, and all versions are customisable for branding and advertising. The cargo containers lock, and for other transport needs, there is a further three sizes of covered trailer to choose from.

Dynamic Tilting Technology ensures that passengers and cargo stay level when travelling over uneven surfaces, and the base can be resized as needed depending on what is being carried. The motor is quiet and reaches top speeds of more than 25 kilometres per hour. The company provides a range of manuals and video guides for setting up and using the bike and offers a variety of custom design options. Each order takes four to six weeks to fulfill, and customers only need to mount the front wheel when the bike arrives.

The need to make cycling more accessible in order to combat air pollution is leading to innovations such as zip-on tyre treads for cold weather biking and e-rickshaws that reuse old EV batteries.

Written By: Keely Khoury



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