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Dublin Bus and Voi are partnering on the project which will provide data on micro-mobility usage | Photo source Dublin Bus

Public transport employees given e-bikes in pilot project

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The programme will generate real-time insights into micro-mobility usage in Dublin

Spotted: Dublin Bus and Voi Technology are partnering on a project that will see Voi Technology provide Dublin Bus employees with e-bikes. This is part of a wider range of projects that Dublin Bus is pioneering to support sustainable transport in the city.

The 12-month pilot project will allow both companies to monitor real-time data on how micro-mobility is used in Dublin. The insights gained will be invaluable in helping Dublin Bus develop its sustainable transport strategy.

“Integrating public transport with green transport modes such as scooters or e-bikes is fundamental to the decarbonisation of our cities and towns, and we couldn’t be more excited about working with Dublin Bus to bring our vision of creating better cities to live into the Irish capital,” explains Fredrik Hjelm, Co-founder and CEO of Voi. 

The programme will see 20 Voi e-bikes made available at Dublin Bus depots across the city. The pilot scheme follows 18 months of research by a special project task force. The task force examined a variety of options and technologies, paying close attention to factors such as versatility, ease of use, and user experience in booking and use. After careful consideration, the Voi solution was selected as the best option for the Dublin Bus pilot programme.

The e-bikes will come equipped with all safety mechanisms and will be charged up and maintained at Dublin Bus depots.  

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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