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The Nestbox is made from locally-sourced materials | Photo source Egoe Nestbox

Module turns cars and vans into mini-motorhomes

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A portable module provides everything needed to add a kitchen and sleeping area to your car

Spotted: With COVID-safe and affordable holidays in short supply, the concept of “van life” has been growing in popularity. There are a growing number of companies that specialise in converting vans for temporary living, with a kitchen, sleeping area, fireplace and even tiny bathrooms. Now, a Czech firm has designed a module, called Nextbox, that can convert a range of vehicles into mini-motorhomes.

The Nestbox is a system of integrated, space-saving drawers and fold-away attachments which can be converted into complete sleeping and kitchen areas in a matter of minutes. The units are made from locally-sourced plywood and other materials. The bed is made up of a panel of slats and a foldable mattress, that folds away during transit and unfolds over the car’s back seats.

The kitchen fits into a single drawer, which can be stowed in the trunk and includes counter space, a cooker and a mini-fridge, while the sink collapses for easy stowing. Smaller drawers hold kitchen equipment, with slots for knives and cutting boards. A camp shower can also be added.

Nestbox was created by design company Studio 519. Designers there came up with the idea when one member bought a large caravan for camping but became frustrated by the lack of parking. In response, they developed a way to turn a normal-sized car or van into a motorhome. According to the head of Studio 519, Richard Vodička, “Global travel restrictions have caused people to rethink what they expect from their vacations and their leisure time. Nestbox is able to give its users a sense of privacy, security and most importantly freedom.”

Studio 519 is not the only company to give serious consideration to creating design-led and innovative products for recreation. We have recently covered an underwater tent that lets divers camp in the ocean and a tent that can repair itself when ripped.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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