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Denso’s Persuasive Electric Vehicle can follow along while you walk | Photo source Core77

A tricycle-based, last-mile mobility concept

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This highly-versatile mobility scooter can use pedal-driven propulsion or a fully motorised drive and features a unique vehicle-to-pedestrian communication system

Spotted: Mobility supplier Denso has developed a tricycle-based, last-mile mobility concept currently being tested. The Persuasive Electric Vehicle (PEV) aims to combine the agility of a bicycle with the capability and comfort of an electric vehicle.

The PEV can use pedal-driven propulsion or a fully motorised drive and features a unique vehicle-to-pedestrian communication system that includes LED lights, a projector and directional speakers. Denso intends the PEV to be hail-able with a smartphone app, which uses facial recognition technology to identify the user. Another unique feature is the follow mode, which allows users to walk while the vehicle following closely behind carries their goods.

To make the PEV useful as an all-season vehicle, it comes with a heating and cooling system. An HVAC is paired to small turbo nozzles, to create a curtain of warmed or cooled air around the driver. A separate HVAC system in the rear can keep packages either cooled or heated – making food deliveries more efficient.  

Michael Lozano, Chief Creative Designer of DENSO Creative Design, explains that the PEV aims to put the public interest “at the forefront,” adding “It considers the needs of users, transportation companies and society as a whole. That’s why the ‘P’ in ‘PEV’ stands for ‘persuasive.’ Our goal with this vehicle is to communicate to cities and its inhabitants that when vehicles are connected, electrified and can run autonomously, it creates smarter and more efficient transportation.” 

The project recently earned a Core77 award. The Core77 Design Awards are given annually for excellence in the field of design. They are hosted by Core77, a magazine and resource for industrial design. Denso’s PEV won in the Transportation category. 

One key to sustainable transportation is to make it easier for people to use public transport or to bike or walk. The PEV fits into this niche nicely, as it is useful in a range of situations. At Springwise, we have seen a large number of other innovations that aim to make sustainable transport a reality. These include an autonomous smart scooter and a solar-powered trike.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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