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Solar-powered urban tricycles for affordable mobility

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A startup is making micro-mobility sustainable and business-friendly

Spotted: Aside from walking and cycling, sustainable transportation isn’t accessible for everyone. Hurdles like upfront costs, infrastructure, and availability can make eco-friendly mobility exclusive and difficult. Enter Bako Motors, a pioneering solar car startup that is looking to change this with its first model of e-tricycle.

The Bako B1 marks the company’s bold step into sustainable mobility, revolutionising urban transport as we know it. Tailored for last-mile delivery and small business needs, this electric tricycle boasts a built-in photovoltaic panel, granting up to 50 kilometres of emission-free travel daily.

The B1 showcases remarkable cost-efficiency, with operating expenses as low as $0.50 per 100 kilometres, and a substantial 150-kilometre range on a single charge, easily replenished via standard outlets. Boasting a sizeable cargo capacity of 2433 litres, capable of carrying up to 350 kilogrammes, the vehicle is an ideal choice for businesses. Boubaker Siala, CEO of Bako Motors, highlights its affordability, priced at just €4000, offering a compelling sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel vehicles.

To further advance its commitment to clean transportation, Bako Motors is set to release its second model, a four-wheeled EV targeted for last-mile deliveries.

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Written By: Georgia King



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