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The Squad cars are self-charging | Photo source Squad Mobility

Fleets of microcars could become another public transport option

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The vehicles are self-charging and powered by solar energy

Spotted: Navigating tightly packed city streets just got a lot easier with the introduction of the Squad car. Created by The Netherlands-based Squad Mobility sustainable transport company, the Squad car is several steps up in comfort from scooters. Squad cars have two or four seats, with storage space in the back of the vehicle. Completely free to use, they are self-charging, so door-to-door use is a reality. There is no need to park it anywhere in particular, or find a renewable energy charging station. 

Doors and windows are removable during the summer months, and with seatbelts and a full roll bar cage structure, the cars are designed for safety. They travel at a maximum speed of 45 kilometres an hour and include dashboard smartphone integration for handsfree navigation and communication.  

Each full charge of the solar panel provides up to 20 kilometres of travel and when needed, the included batteries can be powered from an electric socket for additional distance. Three of the micro cars can fit inside a single conventional parking space, which suddenly makes driving in a city centre far more attractive.  

Pre-orders are currently available for both individuals and businesses. The company plans to begin full-scale production at the end of 2022. 

Solar powered travel is gaining in popularity, with projects gaining in size as well. Springwise has spotted an all electric SUV capable of travelling more than 480 kilometres on a single charge and a solar aircraft capable of staying airborne for at least a year. 

Written by: Keely Khoury

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