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Recycling hits the road: using old cars to build new ones

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Could this initiative achieve resource-neutrality in the automotive industry?

Spotted: The automotive industry consumes a lot of natural resources, at times surpassing any other industry. While cars must now consist of at least 85 per cent recyclable materials, less than 30 per cent of this recycled material actually goes back into the production of new vehicles, with the body being the most under-used resource. Renault Group aims to change this through The Future Is NEUTRAL, a pioneering company that is transforming automotive’s approach to resources and striving for resource-neutrality.

The success of The Future Is NEUTRAL hinges on three key automotive and waste management subsidiaries – Gaia, Indra, and Boone Comenor. Through the complementary skills of each specialised company, the project breathes new life into car bodies by recycling and reclaiming used metal and putting waste back into the production loop to create economic and environmental value.

When talking to Springwise, Head of Communications at The Future Is NEUTRAL Raluca Barb explained: “The Future Is NEUTRAL focuses on resource depletion and waste reuse (…) new cars are still made with less than 30 per cent of recycled materials. The remaining 70 per cent is still virgin materials, directly extracted from the soil.  We think this paradox is a big opportunity. Our aim is to close this gap. Basically, we want to use old cars to build new ones.”

The Future Is NEUTRAL is set on growth, hoping to reach a turnover of more than €2.3 billion by 2030. The company is further determined to become the industrial and European leader in the closed-loop automotive circular economy.

Springwise has previously spotted other initiatives to make cars part of a circular economy, including a startup that’s created green EV battery recycling and a study that shows car interiors can be made from leftover food.

Written By: Georgia King




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