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Next-generation wind power for cargo ships

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Two companies are creating a fleet of low-emission ships for transporting large aircraft components

Spotted: Wind-assisted propulsion systems (WAPS) are revolutionising the maritime industry by tapping into wind power to cut emissions. In a landmark deal for the technology, French shipowner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs SAS (LDA) and Finnish innovator Norsepower Oy Ltd will fit the cutting-edge Norsepower Rotor Sail technology onto a new low-emission fleet for aerospace company, Airbus.

Harnessing electric power to spin and capture wind, the innovative Norsepower Rotor sail propels eco-friendly vessels ferrying aircraft components. Using six 35-metre sails alongside dual-fuel engines, the companies aim to optimise wind propulsion while battling Atlantic challenges through intelligent routing software that minimises drag and optimises efficiency.

The rotor sails will additionally feature the patented Norsepower Sentient Control: a world-first tool that enables each rotor to be controlled individually. This means that each sail is fine-tuned for peak efficiency, making waves in managing the complex aerodynamics between the sails and the hydrodynamic behaviour of the vessel.

The vessels are currently undergoing thorough tests to ensure design optimisation, aiming to eventually generate around 50 per cent fewer CO2 emissions for the Transatlantic route by 2030.

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Written By: Georgia King



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