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Smart features include a weatherproof touch-screen panel integrated with Google Maps navigation | Photo source Calamus Bikes

An e-bike that alerts riders to blindspots

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The Calamus One features a vibrating handlebar that lets a cyclist know when a car might be near

Spotted: German e-bike startup Calamus has developed a bicycle that lets riders know when difficult-to-see vehicles are nearing. Calamus One’s blindspot assistance feature aims to cut down on the probability of an accident occurring. 

Transceivers at the back end of the bike give off ultrasound signals that can be reflected back by a nearing automobile in another lane. When this happens, a motor vibrates in the handlebars on whichever side the vehicle is on, letting the rider know. 

The Calamus One includes other smart features that include a weatherproof touch-screen panel integrated with Google Maps navigation, handle-bar turn indicators and GPS-tracking, should the bike be stolen. It comes in three models — the One-25, One-50 and One-75 — featuring either a 250-, 500- or 750-watt Bafang mid-drive motor. 

The bike is powered with a lithium battery that can hold a charge for three hours. The company is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign, with a minimum pledge of nearly €1,800 required to secure the basic model, should they reach the production stage. The expected retail price, depending on the model, is roughly between €2,900 and €3,400. 



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