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Immerse is already being used by clients in the UK, EU and in North America. | Photo source Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Startup uses AI to predict weather and other transport delays

Mobility & Transport

Immense creates detailed, AI-powered simulations to predict safer, cheaper transportation solutions

Spotted: UK-based  Immense has developed AI-powered simulation software that aims to simplify travel and transport logistics. The platform could help cities and private companies plan for extreme weather and other challenges.

Based on real-time developments, the platform creates detailed digital simulations of travellers, places and other transportation infrastructure. The software then uses the simulations to look for ways to improve travel and test alternatives for the future. By “fast-forwarding the next 30-60 minutes,”  Immense said it can help companies prepare for extreme weather, like the heavy rains the UK experienced in June. 

Immense seeks to disrupt the traditional model of transportation solutions in the public and private sector. The software is already being used by clients in the UK, EU and North America. Its work is also catching investors’ attention: Immense recently received €4 million in Series A funding. The company said it will use the investment to continue developing its simulation platform. 



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