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A safe space online for survivors of sexual violence

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Users can record their experience anonymously on the platform if they aren't yet ready to go to the police

Spotted: Feelings of shock, guilt, and shame, along with a lack of support from authorities and societal stigma are all reasons why in the UK, five in every six women who are raped, and four in every five men, don’t report. One platform wants to change this, however, and help victims of sexual assault come forward. 

After identifying gaps and challenges in existing support systems and legal processes, Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau and her team created a space that addresses these concerns. Called Outcry Witness, the online platform allows sexual assault survivors to record details of any incident(s) anonymously if they’re not ready to report the assault officially. 

This helps them preserve the details as soon as possible, without the constraint of disclosing them immediately to the police. Sexual assault is hugely traumatic, and survivors can find it difficult or overwhelming to come forward immediately, so Outcry Witness gives them the tools to take control over if, when, and how they make an official report. 

The platform recognises the sensitivity of sexual assault cases and the potential barriers survivors face in reporting. By prioritising privacy and control for survivors, Outcry Witness creates a unique space that fosters a sense of security and empowerment for those who may not be ready to disclose their experiences more publicly. 

The organisation is currently looking to raise funds, expand its reach, enhance existing features, and collaborate with relevant advocacy groups and organisations to support survivors further. Based on continued user feedback, legal considerations, and advancements in technology, Outcry Witness will continue to develop the platform to provide the most helpful user experience possible. 

Sexual assault is a huge issue across the globe, and Springwise has spotted many companies developing platforms to help keep people safe. For example, a navigation app shows nocturnal walkers the best-lit route home and connected jewellery doubles as a personal safety device.

Written By: Anam Alam



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