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Could this new platform transform climate compliance?

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A new initiative makes complex climate law cases easier to understand

Spotted: As the number of climate change court cases has more than doubled in the past five years, it is more important than ever for companies to understand and be able to comply with climate change law.

C2LI’s Knowledge Hub, created by Dr Kate McKenzie, Dr Francesco Sindico, and Amelia Burnette from the University of Strathclyde’s School of Law, offers access to climate change cases from 30 countries that were previously confined to books, academic material, and court documents. The Hub simplifies them into searchable, plain language entries that companies can use to inform their climate change compliance.

“For example, a company opening a new business in a new country might not possess legal expertise in that jurisdiction and have little knowledge of historical climate-related litigation or upcoming legislation that might affect its operations or compliance,” says Dr McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer of C2LI. “We can provide that expertise and help ensure the company follows the law thereby reducing its insurance risk and also taking climate-positive actions.”

The team plans to add 20 more countries’ data to the Hub this year, with the aim of becoming a global database within five years. An investment of £3-5 million will probably be needed to achieve this goal. In future, C2LI also plans to offer legal research, training, and advice relating to climate change jurisdiction.

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Written By: Lauryn Berry




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