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Home retrofits made easy: a one-stop-shop solution

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One company streamlines retrofits so customers can quickly make their homes more energy-efficient

Spotted: Recent analysis conducted by UCL’s Smart Energy Research Lab found that homes built at the beginning of the 20th century use 33 per cent more gas per square metre than homes built since 2003 – even though they used comparable amounts of electricity. These results highlight the importance of improved insulation for decarbonising the built environment.

Knowing where to start when retrofitting a home for improved energy efficiency can be confusing, with consumers often besieged by offers that sound too good to be true. Helping cut through the noise is UK company Furbnow. Furbnow’s goal is to help homeowners reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions in the most responsible way possible by improving their home’s energy efficiency rating.

The company provides homeowners with customised plans for improvement based on the results of a surveyor’s assessment. Each Home Energy Plan includes suggestions for what to prioritise and why, along with the expected improvements that each upgrade should bring. Furbnow’s efficiency analyses are impartial, and the company works with certified surveyors and installers for each step of a home improvement project.

Furbnow provides a free quote for the initial energy assessment based on the size of the structure and location. Homeowners can choose their own contractors to do the work and rely on Furbnow for consultation and support, or Furbnow can fully project manage the retrofit. If building work is already in progress, Furbnow’s retrofit coordinators can work directly with the architect and building team to integrate additional sustainability measures.

Earlier this year, the company closed a £950,000 pre-seed funding round (around €1.1 million). Right now, Furbnow is trialling an aftercare service that involves tracking each project’s effects on a home’s energy performance and providing an annual performance inspection.

Reducing the emissions of the built environment is a major part of meeting carbon-neutral goals worldwide. Springwise’s library features innovations that include AI mapping of a building’s heat loss and new solar arrays that look just like roof tiles.

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