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A smart, state-of-the-art electric cooking appliance

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This novel electric stove keeps working even if the power goes out

Spotted: In order to cut carbon emissions, many governments are proposing to phase out the use of natural gas for home appliances such as boilers, stoves, and cooktops, and encouraging the use of electric versions instead. Some complain that electric induction stoves do not deliver the same cooking experience as gas, but Impulse Labs has developed one that can deliver amazing cooking and energy savings in one.

The Impulse Cooktop, debuted at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, may be the future of induction cooking. The stovetop features a 12.8-inch LCD screen with removable, magnetic knobs and 10-kilowatt peak power. It also has integrated sensors to maintain precise temperatures.

But the real innovation is the stove’s three-kilowatt-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate internal battery, which allows it to plug into a standard 120-volt outlet with no expensive panel upgrades or complicated kitchen rewiring needed. The battery means that the Impulse can continue to operate, even when the power goes out. It also allows users to charge up when power is cheapest, such as overnight, and delivers enough power to boil a litre of water in just 40 seconds.

Impulse officially launched in 2022 with a $20 million series A funding round led by Lux Capital. This was added to a $5 million seed round to bring the total funding to $25 million. The company is currently accepting deposits to secure future deliveries of the cooktop, which will start at $5,499. However, US buyers will also be eligible for a 30 per cent tax credit.

Moving to renewable energy is leading to a host of innovations in home appliance efficiency, including a solar-powered induction cooker and a zero-emission boiler.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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