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An intuitive human-centric lighting system

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The system moderates lighting depending on the time of day and location to boost occupant health and productivity

Spotted: As summer brings us brighter, longer days, the effects of sunlight on our energy levels and mood are undeniable. But did you know that light also affects our health? Working for prolonged periods in poor quality lighting can cause eyestrain and trigger migraines – particularly in harsh artificial lighting – as well as amplifying feelings of fatigue and anxiety. 

This is an issue Barcelona-based startup Kumux has set its sights on tackling. The company creates what it calls automatic human-centric lighting solutions. This technology acts as an ‘indoor sun’, working with the body’s natural rhythms rather than against them, mimicking natural daylight patterns with artificial dynamic light. 

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Kumux works via a cloud-based API that can easily be integrated into any lighting control system with tunable lights. It then automatically alters light intensity and colour temperature, taking into account variables such as geolocation, date, time, and the type of activity or work occurring inside a room.  

The startup, which raised €500 million in it latest funding round, offers its solutions across various sectors, including healthcare, offices, schools, and hotels. The company also claims that its system can help with reducing light-related electricity consumption by up to 20 per cent and boost productivity by 4.5 per cent.

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Written By: Amanda Simms



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