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The design of Casa Abovedada draws on the horizon of Chilean Patagonia | Photo source Edward Rojas Arquitectos

A wooden house inspired by 17th century buildings

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The house draws on features from Chilotan architecture, characteristic of buildings from the island of Chiloé - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Spotted: How do you balance culture and tradition with modern design? This is a classic architectural challenge, but Chilean firm Edward Rojas Arquitectos have done just that. Their new house—Casa Abovedada—fits seamlessly with the unique architecture of Chiloé Island in southern Chile.

The house is situated on a hillside in the community of Nercón outside the city of Castro – the capital of Chiloé Island. The island itself is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is renowned for a unique style of wooden building known as Chilotan architecture.

Casa Abovedada translates as “Vaulted House”, and the building consists of a set of three volumes topped by vaulted roofs – hence the name. The firm explains that the style was inspired by both indigenous Chilean buildings and the 17th Century wooden houses and churches built by Jesuit missionaries.

To preserve the aesthetic of its setting, Casa Abovedada is covered in wooden shingles typical of the region. The house is mostly built of wood, featuring a wooden exterior cladding and wooden interiors. The wood contrasts with stained glass windows which add a contemporary element.

Edward Rojas Arquitectos commented, “The architecture that we make, must be born from the context of the work, interpreting the ancestral values of the architecture of the South, and through them projecting contemporary works.”

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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