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Customised cross-laminated timber homes 

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The modular homes are low-carbon and can run off-grid

Spotted: The lack of affordable homes to buy or rent is fuelling a global housing crisis, and it’s set to worsen in coming years. Because of rising house prices, one increasingly appealing option for many is to build a home instead of buying one, yet for many people the idea of such a complicated project is overwhelming.   

Finnish construction technology company Asumma aims to simplify the entire process by providing a concierge-type support service for new builds. The company provides customised, sustainable homes built from cross-laminated timber (CLT). Cross-laminated timber is generally made from Spruce wood, and the design of the pieces ensures strength and durability.  

As well as CLT walls, floors, roofs, and supports, Asumma homes include wood-fibre insulation and an airtight structure that incorporates natural and mechanical ventilation for the highest quality indoor air, without allowing moisture or mould to enter the home. The modular and bespoke designs significantly cut down on construction times, and all of the wood is sourced from responsibly managed Finnish forests. 

Asumma provides seven different homes for buyers to use as a starting point for their build, and the company design team helps ensure that the layout and location of the home best suit the plot of land. Homeowners then get a completely bespoke design, selecting numbers and locations of rooms and additional detached structures, as well as a number of custom additions such as heat pumps and solar panels for off-grid living.  

Modular builds and renewable energy sources are two areas that Springwise is spotting innovators focusing on for more equitable, accessible, and sustainable housing. 

Written By: Keely Khoury




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