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The ground floor of Grounds Coffee Hub was built to be multi-functional | Photo source Kogaa

A community coffee shop made from salvaged waste materials

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Featuring a unique translucent structure, 80 per cent of the Prague-based shop's interior was sourced from a previously scrapped project

Spotted: The Czech architecture studio Kogaa has designed a coffee shop made from salvaged waste materials. Located in Prague’s Karlín neighbourhood, the 120-square-metre café, named Grounds Coffee Hub, serves coffee from its own roastery. Its unique translucent structure boasts that 80 per cent of its interior fit, which includes plastic panels, corrugated metal and timber, were all sourced from a previously scrapped project in Brno. The materials were all used to erect a volume at the centre of the café’s main space, topped with greenery and a mezzanine wrapped in clear, corrugated plastic.

The ground floor of Grounds Coffee Hub was built to be multi-functional. It houses coffee-testing facilities, hosts educational workshops, and acts as a showroom for professional barista machines. Nearest to the entrance of the café is the serving counter, across from which is the main seating area. The bar is made from uncoated, corrugated metal sheets and the custom metal desk was designed to fit all of the coffee fixtures needed for serving. A series of other smaller spaces lead off from this main area, which is dedicated to the different steps in the coffee production process; from raw-bean storage to packaging.

On the opposite end of the structure is a suspended staircase that leads up to a shared workspace. This workspace sits on the mezzanine level, which is separated by an undulating plastic wall and a ledge that houses a variety of potted plants. Kogaa’s goal with this abundance of greenery was for it to act as a natural air purifier, collecting dust while also maintaining a balanced humidity level. Furthermore, the furniture that fills the café also boasts sustainability. The lighting fixtures are all recovered industrial lamps, while the concrete coffee tables, wooden benches and display shelves were handmade on-site.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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