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Smart windows for more energy-efficient buildings

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This tintable glass helps to manage indoor temperatures without blocking the view

Spotted: Since 2020, all new builds in Canada have needed to adhere to the country’s net-zero energy-ready standards, and improvements in energy efficiency are central to this framework. Windows are a major source of energy inefficiency, losing and absorbing large volumes of heat. Improving the performance of windows is therefore key to cutting a building’s energy usage and carbon footprint. Enter Miru.

The Canadian smart window company has created dynamic, energy-efficient windows, known as eWindows, that eliminate the need for blinds and curtains while reducing a building’s carbon emissions. The eWindows look just like regular ones yet have an important addition. Using the connected Miru app, the tint of the glass can be adjusted.

Miru Sky windows are double-glazed, and users can set their preferences for automatic adjustments to the amount of tint for different times of day and seasons. The technology helps reduce glare, moderate room temperature, and manage privacy, all without blocking light or the view outside. Best of all, the windows increase a building’s energy efficiency by up to 20 per cent.

The smart windows are available for both buildings and vehicles. Miru Arc is a laminated glass unit of customisable size designed for vehicular use. Like the building windows, the amount of tint can be set to different amounts depending on the time of day and when the car is parked, a high tint will help keep the interior cooler. In vehicles, Miru’s smart glass helps filter harmful UV rays as well as reduce glare when driving.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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