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A social media platform empowers black creatives

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A new platform focuses on connecting African creatives with global job opportunities

Spotted: It is projected that by 2030, young Africans will make up 42 per cent of the global youth population. However, African creatives continue to face inequalities in access to industry opportunities, a situation that startup NewComma is working to rectify.

NewComma describes itself as an online social recruitment platform that connects African creative talent to global businesses, resources, and opportunities. The company provides a digital space for African creatives to connect with professionals, showcase their portfolios, and explore job opportunities.

For employers, NewComma co-founder Natalie Narh explains that the platform provides an easier way to reach potential employees that can offer a greater diversity of thought and experience. Narh points out that creative professionals in Africa can face unique challenges in the industry and this requires a unique solution.

She emphasised that NewComma makes, “equitable access to global opportunities a reality for African creatives worldwide by providing a streamlined, more budget-friendly portal for businesses to access the diverse talent breaking the global status quo with their innovative content and ideas.”

The company recently closed a pre-seed funding round in partnership with SFC Capital. The funding will accelerate NewComma’s tech development.

The platform joins a number of other innovations aimed at improving opportunities for minorities. In the archive, Springwise has also spotted a neobank that serves Latino communities in the US and an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps companies boost diversity.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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