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The Nibble chatbot lets customers negotiate for products with an AI | Photo source Nibble Technology

An AI negotiation chatbot powers the circular economy


The solution creates a fun, personalised connection between consumers and retailers by allowing customers to negotiate a deal for their purchases

Spotted: As e-commerce continues to grow, so too does the need for scalable technology solutions that help businesses maximise their sales. Nibble Technology is an artificial intelligence (AI) e-commerce negotiation chatbot that creates a pleasant, customised connection between customers and merchants. The chatbot—which can be integrated with leading e-commerce platform Shopify—lets customers make an offer for a product when browsing a retailer’s product pages. The negotiation process is very quick, with customers able to strike a deal in under a minute.

Nibble has recently released an updated version of its Shopify app, while securing a new funding round anchored by UK-based venture capital firm Venrex.

The updated app features improved AI negotiation capabilities, and is specifically focused on supporting businesses in the circular economy and B Corporations. Half price fees will be offered to these clients to support their sustainable business practices. Following the update, Shopify store owners will also be able set up Nibble in minutes. Non-Shopify customers can also use Nibble through the company’s API.

Pre-owned marketplaces (both offline and online) have always utilised negotiation to reach a mutually beneficial agreement for both the customer and seller. Nibble brings this concept into today’s environment, providing customers with the feeling of an in-person negotiation, while increasing customer interaction, and boosting conversion.

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Written By: Katrina Lane



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