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A juice bottle made of potato skins


A design company has created food packaging that can be peeled like an orange and eaten, composted, or dissolved in water

Spotted: By now, most of us are aware that almost all packaging raises environmental concerns, with most types of packaging contributing in some way to either pollution or global warming, or both. Working to solve this issue, at least in a small way, is Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, whose latest project is a packaging solution that mimics the lifecycle of fresh foods.

The product, called GoneShells, is a bottle made from a potato-starch-based material. Designed to hold food products, like juice, once empty the GoneShells container can be peeled away like an orange skin and eaten, composted, or dissolved in water and sent harmlessly down the drain.

Video source GoneShells

The packaging is currently in a prototype stage that is being developed in collaboration with juice company Eckes Granini for its Brämhults brand. According to GoneShells’ creators, as long as the degradation process is not activated, such as by peeling the bottle or immersing it in water, it will retain its structure like a traditional plastic bottle. In addition, the product can be made using existing manufacturing equipment.

Anna Glansén, the founder of Tomorrow Machine, explained to Dezeen that the company, “wanted a name that symbolised a natural way to protect food, similar to fruit peel or eggshells. ‘Gone’ connects to the unique invention behind the material with its multiple ways to make the packaging disappear after usage.”

Bioplastics are not new, but Tomorrow Machine has taken the concept one step further with a bioplastic that can be disposed of in a number of different ways. Some other innovative packaging systems Springwise has recently spotted include an alternative to plastic containers made from onion skin and a reusable cup made from vegetable oil.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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