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A paper cup without the plastic lid


This new takeaway cup is completely plastic-free, saving money and carbon

Spotted: As they drink their morning takeaway coffee, many people don’t give much thought to the cup. After all, it’s just one cup. But they add up – every year, more than 500 billion single-use paper and plastic cups are manufactured globally. Although these cups are often technically recyclable, it costs more to recycle them than to send them to make brand new plastic lids. Now, one company is tackling the problem of plastic lids by removing them altogether.

ChoosePlanetA has created a single-use cup – dubbed the Good Cup – that has an integrated lid and is made entirely from fully recyclable and compostable paper. The cups pack flat, saving storage space and energy in transportation, and are designed so that the top flap is built into the cup itself, folding and locking into place when closed to create a lid.

Video source the Good Cup

The sustainable paper used in the cup comes from EnvoPAP, and is made from renewable sources like sugarcane waste, instead of wood pulp. Manufacturing of the Good Cup is also compatible with existing machinery built to produce traditional paper cups.

Cyril Drouet, co-founder and managing director of ChoosePlanetA, explained: “The impact of the Good Cup’s use is far-reaching and varied; from creating significant savings at the point of production and increasing brand awareness to its most crucial and necessary impact – helping to alleviate the environmental crisis by removing plastic, one lid at a time.”

ChoosePlanetA joins various other companies in the drive for sustainable food and drink containers. Springwise has also spotted a vegetable-oil-based reusable cup, and packaging made from food waste.

Written By: Lisa Magloff



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