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A revolutionary, sustainable design for the humble can


The all-metal design includes a twist-top, allowing the can to be resealed

Spotted:  Aluminium cans have not changed much since the development of the ‘stay-on tab’ in the early 1980s. While cans are a convenient packaging option for many products, their lack of resealability has limited their use and often meant that food and drink go to waste if not consumed in one go. That may be about to change, however.

Startup Canovation has developed a new can design, called CanReseal, that allows all-metal cans to be resealed after opening, leading to less wasted food. The company states that CanReseal integrates easily into existing seaming and filling manufacturing and supply chain networks, and can be manufactured at a comparable cost to other types of cans.

The design adds threading to the top of the can, and this allows a metal closure to be screwed into the top of the can to create an air and liquid-tight seal. In doing so, the design also increases the product offerings that can be packaged in cans. The resealability could allow cans to be turned into cups or bowls for additional convenience and allow end users to repurpose cans as reusable containers.

Canovation is a privately held company currently seeking investors to further develop CanReseal for scaling. COO Jeff Grajewski told Springwise that the company is “spearheading initiatives to heighten consumer awareness and foster advocacy, positioning ourselves as influential contributors to the discourse on plastic pollution and overall environmental sustainability.” In the immediate future, Canovation plans to launch a food container option in 2025, with an innovative beverage packaging solution planned for the following year.

Many innovations have come from taking an existing product and giving it a new twist. These include lightweight, foldable coolers and edible cutlery.

Written By: Lisa Magloff




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