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A subscribe and recycle model for kids' bicycles and toys 


The service could help prevent millions of bicycles from ending up in landfill every year

Spotted: Cycling is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable modes of transportation available and a great form of exercise for various age groups, but researchers point out that at the end-of-life stage, bicycles have “a significant (and uncalculated) carbon footprint.” And as fast as children grow, so does the volume of waste they produce as they outgrow everything from shoes and clothes to bicycles and toys. 

Determined to reduce their waste, a group of friends with children ranging from four to fifteen started a circular, direct-to-consumer subscription company called Gro Club. Offering bicycles and other children’s products such as car seats, strollers, and bunk beds, the company provides equipment maintenance, home delivery and recycling. Subscriptions are available for either 12 or 18 months, and the cost is approximately 70 per cent less than buying elsewhere. Customers can opt to extend their subscription for a nominal fee, upgrade to a larger-sized product, or buy the item outright.  

Based in Bengaluru, the Gro Club says that its average cost is Rs 6,000 (around €68) per year or Rs 500 (around €5.70) per month. Bicycles are custom-made in-house, and the company reuses each bicycle frame at least five times for maximum carbon emissions savings. Every bicycle that’s returned to the company is taken apart and then reconstructed with a fresh paint job, meaning that every bike looks new when it’s delivered. 

Gro Club also offers bicycles for adults at a slightly higher subscription price of around Rs 549 (around €6.20) per month. All subscriptions include a lifetime warranty on parts and home service maintenance support.

Having completed a pre-seed round of funding and with more than 5,000 subscribers in Bengaluru, the company is planning to use its next round of funding to expand both the number of products available on subscription and its servable locations. Subscriptions will shortly be available in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune.  

The subscription model is being applied to many products and services, with Springwise’s archive including options for reusable nappies and office furniture.

Written By: Keely Khoury




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